ageless: my discovery

When it comes to embracing our purpose, age is irrelevant In the bible Mary was young, and Sarah was old; they both carried the promise. I sometimes think about the years before I discovered writing.  I neither knew I could write, nor that I actually enjoyed it. I have to remind myself not to regretContinue reading “ageless: my discovery”

“Plotting” or “Plodding🎫”

I had a story in my head, and was obsessed by it, but was scared to commit myself to being a ‘writer‘.  I’d jumped in before; put one of my daydreams on paper, and had been horrified by my own writing. I didn’t know then it was okay to write badly because there was something calledContinue reading ““Plotting” or “Plodding🎫””

My Privilegeđź’–

Writing Fiction đź“ť I’m excited to be here.  This has been a long path for me; to be comfortable with my gift without comparison or second guessing my choices, as they relate to another writer’s.  My novels, from the place of origin, to path of completion, have acquired some readers along the way.  And fromContinue reading “My Privilegeđź’–”