About Me

For me its Empowerment…

Because I have so many reasons to quit, I refuse to. Defying boundaries, convention and expectations is what my journey is about. I’m a fifty-plus mom of adult kids, who has discovered that contentment as a writer is easy to achieve when I don’t allow it to be defined outside of the pleasure of writing and making my work the best it can be. My work being published and out in the marketplace is an important point of closure, and allows me the freedom to move on to other projects. Rather than allowing the market to dictate that, I formed my own publishing company, Maryn Enterprises LLC., so that my work is done when I choose.

I Love the Lord

I love to read and I’m usually reading at least four books simultaneously-Walter Mosley Detective novels are my escape.

I’m new to Charlotte, North Carolina, and this is the place for me.

Emotion, quality of life, quality of gifts, enlightenment, self worth, patience and obedience; as I hear from God and write my stories. He gives me the permission to be me.

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