Preparing for my next decade🙄

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Yes, this is my last year of decade number five and moving onto, God willing, number six. While I’ve always had good health, I’ve taken it for granted. Exercise is a habit I started young in my life, and I’ve always been petite. The coming step up is a reminder I need to take my health more seriously. So I did some research, to assess how I’m doing.

The NIH website states a healthy diet is important. Lower calories, higher nutritional value. I’ve been in denial about my diet for some time, but the extra padding in my midsection that won’t go away, is telling me something. I love vegetables, and whole grains. I also love sweets and fried foods. I can’t have it both ways.

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Given that I’m on medication for hypertension, making changes to my diet is even more important.

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Next there’s exercise, which eventhough I assumed I had this covered, since menopause it’s not as easy to maintain the muscle tone, I’m used to, or to drop weight. I can no longer use exercise to compensate for my poor diet. The two must work together.

Keeping my mind active. Here I’m crushing it. I’m a writer, reader, a student of life, and I’m struggling to learn languages but I’m trying. All of this stimulates my mind and keeps me sharp.

Making mental health a priority. In my forties, I learned the importance of seeking counseling, and self-care. While I can’t say I’m always okay, I have no qualms about seeking help when I’m overwhelmed.

Participating in activities I enjoy. I have healthy interests, and I’m active in my church community. Given I’ve just to a new city, I’m looking forward to seeing out more of the opportunities offered here.

Fortunately it’s not too late to change my bad habits and reinforce my good ones. Just a little more discipline and motivation. I also understand that my poor eating habits are a response to stress. Being aware of this, I can make better choices.

Overall I look forward to my next season.

Preparing for my sixties

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