Its Worth It

So I self publish my work and put it out for the world on KDP to read, download, purchase, or ignore. To me that’s closure. Self publishing on amazon means my completed projects aren’t sitting on my computer, or being queried until I can’t find anyone new to send them to. They’re just buried under 3 million other self-published works,

and what can I do about that?

I’m at peace. I’ve done my part and tried my best. I’ve got dozens of books in me so no point getting hung up on these first two–right?

I wasn’t expecting that first review. In fact I stumbled on it by accident when I was proving to my college student son that ‘yes my book is on Amazon’ . Then I sold a few copies, and gave away a few e-book downloads, and it was awesome. My book is being read, and enjoyed. My first reviewer got what I was trying to say, knew all of my characters personalities and enjoyed the book!

It was unexpected. My intent was to simply complete the cycle, finish the job and make sure I wasn’t allowing fear of rejection to rule my life. I was going to finish, I was going to put myself out there. Step out of my comfort zone, and claim the right to my identity.

Writing is the easy part, exposing my guts and thoughts to the world is terrifying. If you query and the work is perpetually rejected, you’re safe, but the work goes nowhere.

What I’ve discovered is the act of presenting my work to readers, even if it happens due to my kdp free e-book download days, provided me a level of satisfaction I would’ve missed out on had it not been published. Whatever the path you choose to make it happen,

It’s Worth it.

Published by michelle

As an author of works of fiction I long to share the gift, God has given me. I enjoy the process of creating and believe I have more to say about it, that goes beyond simply doing it.

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