My Privilegeđź’–

Writing Fiction đź“ť

I’m excited to be here.  This has been a long path for me; to be comfortable with my gift without comparison or second guessing my choices, as they relate to another writer’s.  My novels, from the place of origin, to path of completion, have acquired some readers along the way.  And from the few reviews–they get what I’m trying to say. That’s amazing.  

So along with continuing to create fiction, I’m committed to documenting my process of discovery.  In the end,  the labor of love is bigger than what I’m able to produce. But while I’m limited the medium is not. 

The tools I employ, the approach, the mindset, and the emotions I experience, while creating fiction, most of that journey gets edited out of the final product.  My assignment is to capture and document the unedited, unpolished moments.  That’s where the real creativity takes place. 

The published product may not end up being the best writing that occurred during the course of the project, but sacrifices must be made for the sake of a well crafted story.

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As an author of works of fiction I long to share the gift, God has given me. I enjoy the process of creating and believe I have more to say about it, that goes beyond simply doing it.

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